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Life: Why are you here?

What is your aim?

Why does your existence matters? Why are you here, on Earth? What’s your aim?

From your childhood, you must be asked by your parents that what’s your aim is? The teachers on the first day of the school asked you the same. But did you ever wondered what and why would you choose the particular aim that you have chosen?

Your aim is not to do a job under someone else. It’s the thing that will make you enjoy, the thing that would comfort you, make you happy. You shouldn’t merely become a Company Manager (or anything else) just because it pays you more salary, make you rich.

You should think deep in your mind. The thing that has always comforted you, made you happy and made you crazy. Your soul will tell you there’s something in you that has always made you enjoy, like playing football. But what if you wouldn’t get enough salary for your work (like playing football)? You wouldn’t be able to fulfil your partner’s (spouse) wishes?

It is not like that if you don’t get a perfect salary you should leave that. What is more important your happiness or salary? Of course, happiness. I know about one of my friend’s dad who wanted happiness, not salary and made his career in mere cricket coaching. But still then he was so happy with just three rooms in his house and a meagre salary. Why would he do that? Because he chose for what he loved from deep heart.

So it’s your own happiness, not the others’. You will always enjoy it and it will be your right choice.

Your ultimate aim will lead you to the path of success, victory.

It’s not like that if you have decided your aim then you did everything. You need to achieve it, so that your life would go steady and straight away in peace. You should make a strong thought in your mind that you in any condition will fulfil it.

You shouldn’t be lazy in doing that. You should not say that today I will take rest and tomorrow I’ll do it. It’s simple: Kal kareso aaj kar, aaj kareso ab (hindi). Do today what is due tomorrow, do right now what is due today.

If you will have all these things then probably you would achieve it. Don’t delay yourself in deciding your aim, do it now. Yes, it’ll surely take time, but you need time (the wealthiest asset in the world) to achieve it.

Good luck!

Tell me your aim in comments below.

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