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It's all about life! Life comes, life goes. Some want it better, some want it smoother, while the rest want just to enjoy the life. So, you'll get here all the things that will help boost your day to day life. You would enjoy your life!

This blog is for those who want their life to be different. A life which is crispy with delicious flavours. It's for those who want some funky ideas to level up their life.

There's something in you that you haven't told anyone. You want to get independent from the world and make yourself stress-free. You want to enjoy the happiness in the world. How do you feel when you are on a beach enjoying the beautiful sunset there? It can't be described in words, huh. It's this place that will walk you to the path of happiness.

But it's not always that you want to enjoy your life like a bitch always in peace. You want some extra enjoyment. Wouldn't you like to have love? The dates, the parties, the damn professors be banged? All, everything is here to make you CRAZY!!@@??

But who am I?

I'm an Indian boy who at his 15's writes posts and articles for you, myself Prasenjit Manwar. Yeah, I'm so younger to write for you, but if you are a teen, like me, then it matters for you.

I'm enjoying the peace in my life as well as the craziness everyone would like to have, shouldn't you also be.

Enjoy a cup of Green Tea! 🍵

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